Friday, March 28, 2008

Meaningful-Funny Celebrity T-shirts


Tara Reid "Love is war"

Robbie Williams "I blame the parents"

Paris Hilton "Dont be jealous"

Geri Halliwell "Perfect Bitch"

Eva Longoria "I have your baby, Brad"

Drew Barrymore "My boyfriend is out of town"

Demi Moore "Truth is nobody can out play me"

David Hasselhoff "I'm not dead yet"

Courtney Love "Paris for president"

Cindy Crawford "Fashion Stinks"

Christina Aguilera "Game is my middle name"

Caprice "Italians do it Better"


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Chilled said...

I love that site! I think I have looked at every shirt there for the past 30 minutes or more! I love them!

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Anonymous said...

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